R/V Kaimikai-o-Kanaloa (K-O-K)

The original data were from Dr. Christopher Kelley and Dr. John Smith (HURL) in 2001 and 2002 Kaimikai-o-Kanaloa (K-O-K) surveys inside the Kahoolawe Island Reserve. A SeaBeam 210 multibeam sonar bathymetric mapping system is installed aboard K-O-K. SeaBeam is capable of acoustically charting the seafloor peaks and valleys with complete high resolution coverage to depths of 11,000 meters (nearly 7 miles). A near real-time contour plot for the current swath is produced, and the digital data are recorded for later post-processing on the shipboard Silicon Graphics UNIX workstations. Some applications of this technology are: hydrographic charting for hazards to navigation, search and recovery operations, submersible support, marine resource exploration, scientific research, and location of seamounts as natural fish aggregation devices.  

Main Hawaiian Islands

Main Hawaiian Islands Maui, Molokai, Lanai

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The data is not available in this region.


The data is not available in this region.


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Hawaii (Big Island)

The data is not available in this region.

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